Go Loco provides an easy to navigate site offering a range of categories where local businesses can showcase their offers, promotions and events. It’s now more important than ever that we encourage people to use local businesses and to shop locally. We have developed Go Loco as a very straightforward way to find value locally and to enable businesses to start that dialogue.

Why Go Loco?

For the user, Go Loco:

  • Is free to access, so no user names or passwords to gain access
    • Has no pop-up ads cluttering and obscuring the advertising and features on show
    • Does not use pop-up requests to complete surveys for access
    • Has no promoted stories from Taboola or elsewhere
    • Shows no national advertising unless branches or outlets are local

For the advertiser, Go Loco:

  • Is a simple to use and uncluttered format
    • Has a range of categories to accommodate all types of business
    • Provides a ‘header’ to display a logo or image, a brief description as a call to action and a click-through button to the landing page
  • Unlike voucher sites, we do not charge any commission and would discourage advertisers to post uneconomic discounts or offers
  • Go Loco offers a full landing page for the advertiser’s offers, promotions or events, click to call and email, as well as website and Facebook links, with a location map if needed.
  • We offer free of charge production, copy writing and marketing advice. Go Loco is promoted on social media frequently and heavily with excellent results.

Let us show you how Go Loco can promote your business-simply contact us using the details below


Get in touch with Go-Loco

Email: hello@go-loco.co

Tel: Peter 07768 660 551

Tel: Steve 07768 944859